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Beyond Inspired

Transform Your Life with Ho’oponopono

A modern take on this ancient Hawaiian mindfulness practice forms the basis of my Mojo Muse coaching practice. This book is for you if:

  • You have goals and dreams you have been intending to manifest and want to fast-track them to success!
  • You keep repeating the same patterns in your relationships and are ready to take action and get unstuck



What They Are Saying

  • I've really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Dona.  She has a very centered, calming and encouraging quality about her that helps you look at yourself in a more neutral way.  I was able to uncover and silence my own inner critic, and focus on my best self.  With so much "noise" from having kids, relationships, jobs - it's nice to have a cheerleader on your side to give you permission to let go of all of the "shoulds" and go after your dreams!
    Amy S.
  • I have known Dona for about 6 years. She has helped support me in my evolution. My communication skills with my partner, friends and family have improved and I’m better able to understand myself. At times I’ve feared judgment by others, and when I share with Dona she always comforts me and I feel that she completely understands. She could hear anything and still have a way to be supportive. That is why I continue to have her as a tool in my tool box. She is there when I get anxious or overwhelmed. Dona is amazing at what she does!
    Juliana Bishop, Medical Herbalist
  • I love working with Dona. Her intuition is uncanny and almost unnerving how accurate!
  • We utilized Dona’s EMDR services to help our daughter overcome anxiety and PTSD that appeared in a school setting. Dona’s services were pivotal to our daughter’s successful integration at a new school. In a relatively short space of time, she went from panic attacks and an inability to go into school or stay in school, to being a fully engaged student, attending full days at school and coming home happy. Dona’s calm and intuitive nature, coupled with her experience, helped our daughter to open up and process her feelings. We will always be grateful to Dona for helping to change our daughter’s life for the better. Thank you Dona!
  • Making the decision to reach out and work with Dona has been the best, smartest thing I've ever done for myself - I'm just sorry I waited so long to do it. I feel absolutely transformed inside and out. Through her wisdom, intuition and amazing tools, she has helped me bloom in so many ways and begin to create a magical life for myself. I've never felt so heard and supported and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for her caring and inspiration!
    Katie P
  • All I can say is that I wish I would have met Dona before the birth of my first baby. Her knowledge base, intuition and resources have made the birth growth of my second son so much more enjoyable.
    Julia M.
  • Dona is AMAZING! I have never met anyone like her. She has helped me shift from 100% stuck into a very passionate phase of my life. It seems like every time I talk with her, she takes me to another level. I can't thank her enough!
    Patricia D

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